This is a common questionnaire (CommonQ) that is being proposed to Howard County endorsement entities to use to reduce the time candidates have to spend completing endorsement work. This is not indicative of any type of coalition of participating entities, as it is solely an administrative endeavor to assist candidates. Each entity that ends up participating in the use of this common questionnaire (CommonQ) could possibly publicize the answers. Each entity will contact candidates separately regarding their own supplemental questionnaires and due dates. CURRENT COMMONQ due date is Saturday, Feb. 15th.

Requests to participate in the CommonQ were sent to Howard County endorsement entities. The following entities are currently participating.

  • Chinese American Political Association PAC (POC Hongling Zhou)
  • Howard County Families for Education Improvement (POC Vipin Sahijwani)
  • Howard County Neighbors United (POC Steve Keller)
  • Indian Origin Network of Howard County (IONHoCo) (POC Pravin Ponnuri)
  • Scott E’s Blog (POC Scott Ewart)
  • The People’s Voice Ethics Ballot (POC Lisa Markovitz)
  • HoCo Kids (POC Jen Nussbaum)

Common Questionnaire

  1. Why are you running?
  2. Explain why you are qualified to hold this position.
  3. Have you ever testified before County or State Boards or done public volunteer work?
  4. With regard to school redistricting, what do you believe are the three top priorities, in order, that should be considered as reasons to redistrict, or goals of redistricting? How would you suggest those goals be met?
  5. Do you believe that residents should be able to rely on students attending their neighborhood schools? Why or why not?
  6. How do you feel the HCPSS should deal with overcapacity school issues?
  7. Do you believe developers should contribute more to fund schools? Do you believe developers should have to wait longer to build in overcapacity areas? How do you suggest the County Council and Board of Education work together to address overcapacity issues?
  8. What does equitable provision of education by the HCPSS, mean to you? How do you suggest that be implemented?
  9. What do you believe Board of Education Members can do to achieve the highest level of achievement for all? Please include in your answer what you believe should be done to close any achievement gaps, be specific. Please also include in your answer, applicable, related positions on homework and GT programs.
  10. Do you believe the Board of Education race should remain non-partisan on the ballot? If so, how is your campaign remaining non-partisan?
  11. If elected, what are the top three goals you would want to work upon in your first year in office?
  12. Do you believe the Superintendent’s requested budget is too high, too low or just right? If too low, how much should it be, and what other county budget items should be cut to fund it? If too high what should be cut from the request?
  13. What is your position on each of the current local Howard County State bills?
  14. Do you feel class sizes are too high or too low? Why?
  15. How should performance be measured, of students, of teachers?
  16. What do you believe should be done to attempt to improve physical safety in schools?
  17. How would you as a Board Member oversee your only employee and review and instruct the Superintendent? Are you pleased with the current Superintendent? Would you vote to renew his contract? Why or why not?
  18. Do you believe the HCPSS is serving the needs of the Special Education community? If not, what needs to be changed?

Response from Candidates moving on to the General Election

Candidates who provided complete response in timely manner:

Candidates who refused to participate in the Common Questionnaire:

  • Matthew Molyett (D1)
  • Jolene Mosley (D3)
  • Jen Mallo (D4)

Candidates who did not respond to the invitation to participate in the Common Questionnaire:

  • Antonia Barkley Watts (D2)
  • Larry Pretlow II (D2)
  • Tom Heffner (D3)
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