CAPA-PAC is proud to endorse Dr. Yun Lu as the Howard County Board of Education member representing District 5. Dr. Lu is a passionate community service volunteer, a respectable statistician by profession, and a successful first-generation immigrant from a family with generations of educators. Dr. Lu has a Ph.D. in Biostatistics from Johns Hopkins University and works for a federal public health agency.

We endorse Dr. Lu because of her demonstrated willingness and commitment to serve our community (as a HOA board member, Board of Education Operating Budget Review Committee member, Howard County Chinese School math teacher, long-time PTA member and regular school volunteer), her advocacy for scientific evidence-based decision making over ideology, her data analysis skills demonstrated by decade-long experience as a professional statistician, and her strong belief that education is a shared responsibility of parents, school and community. During the school redistricting in 2019, Dr. Lu participated in virtually every Board of Education public session and advocated that a stable community and a sense of belonging play a crucial role in creating a safe and nurturing environment for children.

We have known Dr. Lu for many years and have seen her consistent and passionate involvement in various school and community services. While Dr. Lu has often maintained a low-key, modest personal style, her intellect, determination and passion shine through. With potentially another major school redistricting upon opening of High School 13 in 2023, looming cuts into educational programs due to budgetary challenges and growing deficits of HCPSS, and increasingly politicizing of Howard County public school education, we entrust Dr. Lu with the task of promoting fact-based decision making, diversity, fiscal discipline, impartiality and independence from any political interference. We endorse Dr. Lu because of her experience, intellect, personal beliefs, and most importantly, her passion to put all kids first and serve the Howard County we all call home. Please join us to support Dr. Lu for BOE member representing district 5!

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