CAPA-PAC is pleased to endorse Ms. Christina Delmont-Small to continue to serve as the BOE member for District 1 of Howard County.  Ms. Delmont-Small has worked proactively to advocate for quality education of Howard County, fiscal responsibility of BOE and for keeping communities together.  

With potentially another major school redistricting upon opening of High School 13 in 2023, we need BOE members who will fight for the students and parents of Howard County to keep communities together and to make the redistricting process less painful for most.  During the school redistricting hearings in 2019, Ms. Delmont-Small has earned a reputation as the voice of common sense and sanity over ideology. In the redistricting plan proposed by Superintendent Martirano, neighborhoods were being divided, which triggered Ms. Delmont-Small to motion to keep current walkers as defined by policy to remain as walkers.  She also voted against many unreasonable major polygon moves. Ms. Delmont-Small announced that she was in the process of developing a feeder system by creating a series of feeds that have certain elementary schools attending certain middle schools and then carrying over to high schools. Throughout the redistricting process, she listened attentively to the communities. We believe she will continue  proactively making efforts to make a difference while keeping communities together. 

Facing budgetary challenges and growing deficits for HCPSS, BOE already had to reduce many teacher positions that support the quality education of Howard County during FY 2020 operating and capital budget reviews, such as support teachers, technology teachers, paraeducator positions etc.  It is to our grave concerns that even deeper cuts into the learning programs might be underway in future years. Ms. Delmont-Small supported other BOE member’s motion not to cut any G/T teachers or instrumental teachers. We hope to continue to see her support for the instructional programs beyond the standard, and seek solutions to reduce the budget deficit in other ways. We believe Ms. Christina Delmont-Small will continue to be the Board member for district 1 that is best qualified to serve the students and families of Howard County.  Please join us in supporting Ms. Delmont-Small for HoCo BOE!


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