CAPA PAC evaluates and endorses the Board of Education candidates based on the following metrics/criteria​
  • The candidate advocates for core values shared by Asian Americans including, but not limited to, diversity and inclusion, strong families and communities, responsible government, education excellence, and individual responsibility.
  • The candidate is committed to improving education for every student, and valuing evidence based and data driven decision making over ideology.
  • The candidate possesses intellectual curiosity, as well as willingness and ability to learn multiple aspects of HCPSS operations and priorities. A candidate’s knowledge of HCPSS operations would be a plus.
  • The candidate has a track record of community service, including advocacy/service within HCPSS.
  • The candidate has demonstrated ability and temperament to work collaboratively with others, and has the potential to establish a cordial working relationship with other board members as well as officials in other government agencies, e.g., county and state government.
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