Endorsement for 2020 BOE Election
District 1: Christina Delmont-Small
District 4: Sezin Palmer
District 5: Yun Lu


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CHINESE AMERICAN POLITICAL ASSOCIATION (CAPA) PAC is a non-partisan Political Action Committee dedicated to advancing values and policies that are in the best interest of families, schools and neighborhoods in Howard County, Maryland. We strive to achieve this goal by


Promoting active involvement in public affairs.


Promoting Chinese American core values.


Defending our community interests and mobilizing community on issues of concern.


Endorsing and supporting political candidates in county and state elections.

Latest News

2020 Primary Election Result

Congratulations to Sezin Palmer, Dr. Yun Lu and Judge John Kuchno for their primary win!!! All candidates endorsed by CAPA-PAC will move on to the November general election. (Primary election results are attached.) Our sincere thanks to all CAPA-PAC members, donors, volunteers, and many other regular Howard County residents who...

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CAPA PAC announces endorsements for 2020 BOE Election

CAPA PAC is excited to announce our endorsements for 2020 BOE election. Our endorsed candidates are: Christina Delmont-Small in District 1, Sezin Palmer in District 4, and Dr. Yun Lu in district 5. The endorsement statements for these 3 candidates are posted on our website. CAPA PAC selected these candidates...

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CAPA PAC成立大会(2020/01/05)

参政,是每一个公民保护自身利益的权利。我们参与选举,监督政府,因为,从国家层面,到州到郡到教委,其每一个改变每一个政令,都和我们的生活息息相关。 马里兰州哈维郡华人社区,从成功把春节放入公立学校日历,到联合各界阻止郡庇护法案通过,再到力推伍超当选为第一位华人郡教委委员,积极参政的局面可喜,成效斐然。 2019年8月,哈维郡教委由学监Martirano(Superintendent)提出方案进行学区重划,其规模之大让整个郡震惊,华人社区迅速反应,组织了有理有力有节的反对(听证会、邮件、游行等),成为促成重划方案修改的重要力量。同时,我们也再一次深深体会到被动的反对,耗时耗力,过程忐忑,结果堪忧,既然都是需要花时间精力去参政,那么,不如把工作提前到选举前,不如,集合大家的力量和智慧,做一个PAC,推选和支持理念相近的候选人当选,长期地可持续地形成我们自己的政治影响力。

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Chinese American Parent Association of Howard County (CAPA) took their stand to oppose Superintendent’s redistricting proposal

According to the most recent update on Chinese American Parent Association of Howard County (CAPA)’s website (,   CAPA will testify at a BOE public hearing to strongly against Superintendent’s proposed attendance area adjustment plan. A letter is written on behalf of CAPA’s over 600 registered members of the Chinese American Parents...

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